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Violence Against Women

Classic Papers



Edited by
Raquel Kennedy Bergen, Jeffrey L. Edleson and Claire M. Renzetti

Table of Contents

Title page, Table of Contents and Preface



  • 8: The Scope of Rape: Incidence and Prevalence of Sexual Aggression and Victimization in a National Sample of Higher Education Students (1987)
    Mary P. Koss, Christine A. Gidycz, and Nadine Wisniewski
    Reflection by Mary P. Koss



  • 17: Women and Children at Risk: A Feminist Perspective on Child Abuse (1988)
    Evan Stark and Anne H. Flitcraft
    Reflection by Evan Stark


  • 20:"Riding the Bull at Gilley's": Convicted Rapists Describe the Rewards of Rape (1985)
    Diana Scully and Joseph Marolla
    Reflection by Dianna Scully

  • 23: Batterer Programs: Shifting from Community Collusion to Community Confrontation (1989)
    Ellen Pence
    Reflection by Ellen Pence


Copyright © 2009 R.K. Bergen, J.L. Edleson & C.M. Renzetti. 


The goal of the original published anthology was to assemble into one edited volume many of the classic, groundbreaking pieces that have shaped the field of violence against women. Each is cited in the Table of Contents and linked to the original citations but due to copyright restrictions we have not republished them online.

We invited the authors of these classic papers to write reflections about their work and to specifically address why they decided to study and write about their particular issue at the time and to consider the impact that their work has had on the field of violence against women. We attempted to contact each original author for a reflection, however several authors had either passed away or could not be reached. When not available, we invited other experts in the field to reflect on these papers.

The reflections that appear here are considerably varied. Taken together, these twenty-three reflections are empowering - they force us to remember the passion of those who have done this challenging work for decades. They are an amazing group of people! Reading these commentaries is also empowering in that we are reminded of the work that still must be done and the need to continue the struggle against all forms of violence.

About this Website

This website is the free, online version of Violence Against Women: Classic Papers edited by Raquel Kennedy Bergen, Jeffrey L. Edleson and Claire M. Renzetti and originally published in 2005 by Pearson/Allyn and Bacon, Boston, MA. Reading linked documents on this site may require installing the free Adobe Reader program.

The book is now out-of-print but we are providing the original content of this book free of charge to individuals and for use in educational and training settings. This material may not be reproduced for other purposes without the written permission of the editors. Please contact us to make inquires on alternate uses.

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