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CEDV Scale

In-depth assessment of a child's exposure to domestic violence

Welcome to the Child Exposure to Domestic Violence (CEDV) Scale homepage. This is one of few measurement tools for use with children exposed to domestic violence. We are making the CEDV freely accessible through this website. The CEDV research project, led by Professor Jeffrey Edleson, is now located at the University of California, Berkeley's School of Social Welfare.

The purpose of the tool is to provide practicing professionals and researchers with a standard method to measure the level of exposure to domestic violence that a child may have experienced, allowing for a recognition of a continuum of child experiences and the need for corresponding continuum of interventions and practice techniques. It is designed to be self-administered by 10 to 16 year old children.

Please see the User Manual for more detailed information on the CEDV and how to administer it. And read the  articles we've produced in preparing the CEDV. You may need to install Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to access the CEDV in print, the User Manual, and the CEDV articles.  The CEDV is also available en Espanol and other languages.

A recent Systematic Review of the CEDV was published in the British Journal of Social Work. 


We would like to thank the staff, mothers and children associated with Cornerstone, the Tubman Family Alliance and the Domestic Abuse Project in Minnesota for their cooperation in developing the CEDV.
Support for this project was provided by the Minnesota Agriculture Experiment Station project MIN 55-019, the Burt and Nan Galaway Fellowship Fund, and Title IV-E Child Welfare Training funds.


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